This feature movie is about a Democratic president that faces the most important challenges of his presidency related to clashes and divisions between the Republican and Democratic party. With good intentions, he takes away the freedom of speech and forces the COVID-19 vaccination as a ploy to take away Citizen’s guns. High crime rate, gun confiscation, illegal border crossing, and racism makes things difficult for him to stay as a President representing both parties.


The president goes beyond his authority to make multiple executive orders that violates the US Constitution.


In a White house meeting with the directors of FBI, CIA, Secretary of Defense, Vice President, and Chief of Staff, the President offers no options facing the challenges except to violate the constitution in order to protect the American people and keep the two parties together. In order to do that, he proposes the elimination of both 1st and 2nd Amendments.


The executive orders do not resonate with the three intelligent directors of CIA, FBI, and Secretary of State, and they unanimously disagree with the president, and what he stands for and they would be forced to resign or to be fired.


In the meantime, the Vice President finds out that all three intelligent directors are Republicans, and she would take advantage of the situation to plot a murder for the directors and their families to make believe that it is the plot of the administration. She also sees an opportunity to take advantage of the president’s weakness and incompetency to gradually invoke the 25th Amendment to take power with her lover the chairman of the joint chief of staff that oversees the Army, Navy, and the Air Force.


An underground movement by the name of WSO (World Safe Organization) with it’s leader start to track the government movements. With WSO freedom fighter members nationwide, the monitoring and hacking begin from the White House to Pentagon, in order to reveal the government’s hidden agenda by creating a short video clip to later show the American people that the Government is taking the nation towards civil war.


As the president and chief of staff discover that the plot was originated by the Vice President, he fires her and in a news conference indicates that he has made a mistake to go beyond his authorities to make invalid executive orders that were in violation of the constitution. He further makes a shocking announcement that the American people must accept the fact that at this moment in time, the nation is better off to move towards secession and separation of fifty States to create twenty-seven Republican States, and twenty-five Democratic States including the District of Columbia.


After a new election, two presidents stand side by side to discuss an article that has been ratified by both houses of congress and supreme court to become the historic amendment to the constitution.


And the results are:


Here are the Red States: 27


The red states: Floridia, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, South California, Ohio, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virgina, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, and the last frontier Alaska.

Here are the Blue States: 25

North California, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington State, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Hampshire, Virgina, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Minnesota, District of Columbia with Washington DC, Connecticut, Vermont, Maryland, and Hawaii.